Motivate Pictures will produce three (3) feature films, three (3) short films and two (2) documentaries in its upcoming slate of production.

The films include the small town conspiracy drama “Dark/Sunlight” that will star Kelly Dealyn.  Founding Father, (feature length version to the successful short film) A hard-hitting family drama centered around betrayal, drug cartels and the ultimate sacrifice.  And the romance drama “All In”.  The shorts include, “Melting Clock”, “Empath” and “Fatigue”.  Then there’s the emotionally charged documentaries, “She Got Game” and “An Interview with a King.”  Motivate Pictures CEO/Producer says, he is excited to come out the gate with such strong projects.  He thinks this is an exceptional challenge and opportunity for the young company express their vision and to show what their team of artist and storytellers are capable of.  “It’s time we demonstrate what’s possible!”

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