Editor } Team Manager – Motivate Pictures Europe

Cristina Sánchez is a filmmaker/editor from Barcelona, Spain. Cristina began her formal training in the film industry at Mataró’s University TecnoCampus, where film editing became her primary focus. She went on to receive her master’s degree in film editing at Escac, one of the most prestigious film school in Spain.
As an editor Cristina champions herself as a storyteller through editing.  She embraces the limitless opportunities to edit in all genres and areas of film and television.  Her resumes reflect the tremendous amount of work she’s done in various genres from narrative dramas to heart-pounding thrillers. She has also dabbled with great success in television with two Spanish TV shows under her belt.  
Cristina’s uncanny ability to analyze images and understand juxtaposition gives her a sense of exploration that allows her a greater depth to visual storytelling.  For her, editing is not the simple fact of threading together shots created on set.  “A film editor has the creative ability to show the temperament of the story by steering the audience’s attention and create conflict with inner-shots.”

Cristina is currently working on several projects, including being named assistant editor on Motivate Pictures feature film, the psychological thriller “The Place She Dwells.”